Cabo San Lucas - The Final Destination

The following is based on five trips to the tip of Baja.  It is written as if it were just two trips.  My wife flies to Los Cabos Airport where I pick her up for a week in Cabo San Lucas.  If this doesn't seem adventurous enough, in April of 2003 I'll be making the whole trip and my wife will be riding with me.

Everything in this report is true.  Although a few items may be a wee bit exaggerated, they did in fact occur.  Also, any business that is mentioned is because it is part of these adventures, and should not be considered a recommendation or advertisement.  For example, I joined Discover Baja, and as a member, I purchased my Mexican auto insurance along with several books and videos.  They have been fine to deal with; however, I have never compared them with other companies that may offer the same services.

To make the trip, it is not necessary to be young, strong, handsome, and brave, as this picture shows.

A word of warning about what I think is a sense of humor.  Most of the humor will be based on making fun of myself and others.  If my wife and friends can forgive me for this, I can only hope others will also.

There are two other warnings.  One is that this site is under construction, and you will hit a dead end when you catch up to my writings.  The other is that this is being written during the holiday season, and sometimes the Eggnog may cause funny thing to happen

For those of you using modems, you will need to be patient.  There are many pictures, and I didn't want to leave any of them out.  As you will see, they are more interesting than anything I write.

  First Trip.

01 - First time a Charm?           

02 - Cataviņa                      

03 - San Ignacio

04 - Loreto

05 - La Paz